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All About Loans at Loan Star Pawn

Click to open: So just what is a Pawn Shop Loan?


A pawn loan is simply a collateral loan. We will extend a cash loan to you based upon the value of an item that you pledge to back the loan.

Click to open: How do pawn shop loans work?


A Pawn shop loan starts with the customer pledging a piece of property as collateral. In return, the pawnbroker lends them money. When the customer pays back the loan, the pledged merchandise is returned to them. Loan Star Pawn, like most pawnbrokers, makes loans on everything from jewelry to electronics to tools and collectables. Should the customer choose not to redeem his or her collateral, there are no adverse credit consequences to the borrower and the pledged items are then offered and sold to retail consumers at discounted prices.

Click to open: What are the advantages of securing a Pawn Shop Loan?

  1.  A pawn shop loan is easy, convenient, and amazingly fast. Simply bring the item you wish to pledge as collateral, and in a matter of minutes you will be walking away with your cash.
  2. There are NO Credit Checks Required. Pawn loans are only based on the value of your collateral. Your past credit history or credit worthiness in not considered! Loan Star Pawn say YES even when banks and credit unions say NO.
  3. You will have up to 3 Months before you’ll need to pay anything! All loans are written up as 30 day loans. We also provide an additional 60 day grace period. This gives you 90 days before you have to pay a single nickel,
  4. We make every effort to help you reclaim your pledged items by offering monthly extensions. Renewals are available to get caught up on interest or to give you some additional time. After your 90 days, as long as you make a minimum monthly payment, you loan can be extended for as long as you need!

You can Pawn almost anything with value!

We accept almost anything of value. We specialize in fine jewelry & firearms but also take the following:

  • Gold of all kinds
  • Gold & Silver Coins
  • Guns
  • Diamonds and Watches
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sporting Goods
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Newer Home Electronics (must have been manufactured within 3 years of the current date)
Here are some simple requirements to make a Pawn
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must have a state issued ID, Drivers License, or U.S. Passport

Our services are for everyone!

Loan Star Pawn customers come from all walks of life, all tax brackets, & all ethnicities. If you need cash quickly and easily, you are potentially a pawn customer.